Game Score Resources

Due to time restraints, we will not be able to track scores and news coverage of games this season. However, you should be able to find what you want through the resources listed below.

Game Day Scores - To get the latest updates, it is suggested that you refresh these resource pages often if you visit them multiple times during your browser session.

  • John Harrell's Game Day Scores - By far the most complete resource for scores.

  • RRR Report Scores Board - Game scores and reports by the RRR community. If you go to this board for scores on a regular basis, please consider contributing the scores and details of those games that you attend.

Game Coverage

  • RRR News Map - One handy place to find all of the newspapers that offer free online access to the sports sections of their publications.

Archived Game Scores

  • John Harrell's Indiana Girls' Basketball - Most comprehensive listing of scores and other team scoring statistics that you'll find anywhere. This site archives all current season scores, as well as archived scores going back to the 2000-01 season.