Class of 2003

The following are the key players from the Region and around the state that will be factors for their respective teams this season. They are not ranked, but are represented by class and shown in alphabetical order.  

Region Freshmen to Watch
Freshmen to Watch Around the State


Class of 2003
to Watch from the Region
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    Arnold, Lyndee (5'9") Highland
    Hostetter, Jennifer (5'8") Munster
    Shields, Brandy (NA) Lake Central
    Smoljan, Nicole (5'10") Crown Point
    Sutliff, Mary (5'10") Highland
    Tracyzk, Tara (5'8") Highland

to Watch Around the State
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    Beck, Whitney (5'3") Kokomo
    Beneker, Stephanie (5'10") Franklin County
    Batteast, Margaret (5'5") S. Bend Washington
    Briody, Julie (5'8") Tecumseh
    Collins, Natalie (5'10") Franklin County
    Leah  (5'8") Heritage
    Faris, Kim (5'9") Plainfield
    Faylor, Mallory  (5'11") Columbia City
    Forsythe, Rebeka (6'0") Farmersburg
    Gavin, Sara (NA) Providence
    Gearlds, Katie (5'11") Beech Grove
    Gibson, Kirby (6'3") Lafayette Jeff
    Graham, Catherine (5'4") Southwestern
    Granderson, Santana (5'8) S. Bend Riley
    Gray, Sallee (5'2") Oldenburg Academy
    Green, Miranda (5'6") Pike
    Hayden, Molly (5'7") Fort Wayne Snider
    Hayes, Ashley (5'7") Western
    Hendrix, Deunna (5'9") Kokomo
    Kathy (NA) Noblesville
    Honegger, Elizabeth (5'10") Lafayette Jeff
    Johnson, Ashley (5'7") Kokomo
    King, Michelle (5'8") FW Luers

    Knecht, Laura (5'9") Huntington North
    Noll, Abby (5'3") FW Carroll
    Norman, Crystal (5'10) S. Bend Riley 
    Overton, Megan (5'7") Tri-Central
    Pearcy, Suzanne (NA) Plainfield
    Russell, Reicina (6'5") Terre Haute South
    Seright, Kristen (6'2") Carmel
    Smith, Carrie (6'1") Brebeuf
    Steele, Katy (5'8") Brownsburg
    Stevens, Stacy (5'2") Culver Community
    Candace (6'0") Noblesville
    Thatcher, Anne (5'7") Kokomo
    , Sara (5'10") Noblesville

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The inclusion of any player on this page is based upon the humble opinion of the Region Roundball Review pseudo-staff. No other Region reporters have contributed to its formulation.