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RRR - 12/19/99 14:44:23

What Dunk-O-Meter?

Trevor - 12/13/99 01:07:17
My URL:http://www.oe-pages.com/SPORTS/Basketball/iceworld
School/Team: Chesterton/NorthStars
City/State: chesterton
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Dunk-o-meter

Great Site!!

Paul Blanton - 12/04/99 12:46:17
My Email:BigPB2@aol.com
School/Team: Plainfield Lady Quakers/ THE FAMILY
City/State: Indianapolis,IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Players to watch


coach Ray Kang - 12/01/99 04:30:01
My Email:rkang79548@aol.com
School/Team: Indiana University-Northwest
City/State: Gary/Indiana

Thanks for your plug about I.U.N Womens Basketball. Check in with you guys later. Thanks Coach Ray Kang

Jim Nelson - 11/30/99 01:13:34
My Email:coachjim@ibm.net
School/Team: Northwest Wizards AAU 16U
City/State: Portage, In
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Absolutely the whole site!

An awesome opportunity for girls basketball players all around to gain recognition. Northwest Wizards is searching for committed 16 and under players for 2000 season! Email for more info. 25 games/tourneys. Great experience. Gain that confidence needed for varsity and college basketball. Let me know a.s.a.p. so I can come support you during IHSAA season. Good luck girls!!

Jay Welches - 11/27/99 13:39:11
My Email:jay@welchtech.com
School/Team: Twin Lakes High School
City/State: Monticello, In
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: message board

Excellent site. We visit at least once a day to see what is going on in the area. Keeo up the good work.

Rebecca - 11/26/99 00:17:47
My Email:bbyblue13@hotmail.com
School/Team: Bishop Noll Warriors
City/State: Whiting, IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: The whole page

Great job on the page. I will mention this page to my school. Keep up the good work!

Howard and Lillian Caston - 11/25/99 06:04:26
My Email:castonhd@hotmail.com
School/Team: Lake Central Indians
City/State: Dyer,In.
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: The total web site

Very impressed with your web site,great job.Go Big Blue,looking great this season,Lake Central Lady Indians

PATTI BACAN - 11/25/99 04:01:16
School/Team: GRIFFITH
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: STILL REVIEWING


Danny Hull - 11/22/99 16:59:52
My Email:dph31@aol.com
School/Team: Morton
City/State: Hammond, Indiana
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Players to Watch

Good luck to all the teams this season, and the wonderful memories the players and fans will recieve by supporting Indiana's tradition...basketball.

Ed Mcleod - 11/17/99 04:05:33
My Email:edmc22@yahoo.com
School/Team: fan
City/State: Highland
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Sorting through it now

Being an avid high school sports fan forever, I understand the need for this area to get the recognition it deserves. I have coached girls softball and realize the need for something like this.. Fantastic job...Good luck to everyone..

Dave Lutes - 11/16/99 22:39:04
My Email:BOOLOU20@aol.com
School/Team: A huge fan
City/State: Highland, Indiana
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: All of it

This is an awesome site and I will be found on it constantly.

Portage Fan - 11/16/99 22:05:03
My Email:ckhans@inland.com
School/Team: Portage/Top Recruit
City/State: Portage / Kokomo
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Features

Great job on featuring the girls efforts. Watch out for Portage this year . . . jr forward Hansen should excel after a great summer with Top Recruit AAA.

Dick Pollitz - 11/16/99 21:29:16
My Email:dpollitz
School/Team: Highland
City/State: Highland,In

Excellant web page, Jackie. This will surely keep me posted down here in Virginia.

Nikki Wielgos - 11/16/99 20:50:07
My Email:nwielgos@mail.com
School/Team: Lowell High School
City/State: Lowell, Indiana
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: all of it is great

thanks for a great web site finally a little credit for our region girls and all their hard work and talent

Jill M. Pizzotti - 11/16/99 17:16:07
School/Team: Saint Louis University
City/State: St. Louis MO

I am looking forward to keeping up with the girls in Indiana!

Cindy Hansen - 11/16/99 16:31:27
My Email:ckhans@inland.com
School/Team: Portage/Top Recuit
City/State: Portage/Kokomo
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: All

Keep your eyes on Portage this year . . . they should be great! Also, thanks to Floyd Stinchcomb and Top Recruit Elite club. All starting seniors on that club have received Div 1 scholarships for next year! Thanks Floyd. Top Recruit;s club 2000 should be outstanding as well!

Karin Zurcher - 11/16/99 16:27:17
My Email:k_zurcher@yahoo.com
School/Team: Miami University
City/State: Springboro, OH
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Portage High School

This is really great to do and I really enjoy looking at this page. I grew up in Portage,IN and my younger sister Elissa knows a lot of the girls from the team, like Michele Pickering, Cheryl Burgeler, and Natalie Yudt. We moved to Ohio 2 years ago after being in Portage for 18 years. I enjoy to see people I know on here.

Tim Mangas - 11/15/99 21:05:02
My Email:tmangas@waveone.net
School/Team: Wawasee
City/State: Warsaw,IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: news, message board


Julie Palmer - 11/15/99 19:32:15
My Email:tower_nell@yahoo.com
School/Team: Plymouth Lady Pilgrims
City/State: Plymouth, IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Northern

How about those Plymouth Lady Pilgrims ? Their JV was undefeated last year. Watch those junior girls.

Brian Sullivan - 11/10/99 04:38:22
My URL:http://www.franklincoll.edu/athweb/wmnsbkbl/index.html
My Email:sullivb@franklincoll.edu
School/Team: Franklin College
City/State: Franklin, IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: News

Great site...really allows us to keep track of players who we wouldn't otherwise get word of here in the central part of the state. Best of its kind that I've come across.

Dan Muscatell - 11/08/99 17:19:58
My Email:muscatel@oregon.uoregon.edu
School/Team: University of Oregon
City/State: Eugene, OR


Juliana Klocek - 11/04/99 17:57:23
My URL:http://semo.edu/
My Email:c160ath@semovm.semo.edu
School/Team: Southeast Missouri State University
City/State: Cape Girardeau, MO
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: players to watch

Would like some information about competitive high school tournaments thoughout the season.

G.L.Hamilton - 11/01/99 22:03:01
My Email:jham549aol.com
City/State: Clarksville,IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: NEWS in this area

nice to find a site like this ,have a daughter playing in high school this year,like to review all the teams...thanks RRR

T Danner - 10/29/99 22:18:17
My URL:http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/jeffred123/page/index.htm
School/Team: Jeffersonville Red Devils
City/State: Indiana
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Fan poll

You have the nicest Ladies page in America. Thank you for all the work you do. Go Big Red.

Erik Johnson - 10/28/99 22:56:52
My URL:http://acusd.edu/
My Email:wbb@sa.acusd.edu
School/Team: University of San Diego
City/State: San Diego, CA

Great to see thing done with the best interests of the kids in mind!

Brad Dunlap - 10/28/99 03:52:29
My URL:http://www.zbrd.com/
My Email:brad@zbrd.com
School/Team: St. Joseph Indians
City/State: South Bend, IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: News

Outstanding site. You have done a terrific job and definitely set the standard for girls basketball coverage in this area and probably the state. I visit often to check the news section but always seem to browse your other areas. Keep up the great work, it does not go unnoticed!

Donna Seybold - 10/21/99 20:01:12
My URL:http://www.indstate.edu/
My Email:athseybo@scifac.indstate.edu
School/Team: Indiana State
City/State: Terre Hatue, IN


Steve Curtis - 10/21/99 14:34:11
My URL:http://huskerwebcast.com/
My Email:scurtis@huskers.unl.edu
School/Team: University of Nebraska
City/State: Lincoln, NE


Region Roundball Review - 10/21/99 04:04:13
My Email:jwebster@netnitco.net

The guestbook sign-in has been down for awhile. Hopefully we've got this one fixed and you can now leave your comments!

Diane Mandon - 10/06/99 18:44:34
My Email:Liver1975
School/Team: Hobart
City/State: Hobart
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Fan Polls

You did a tremendous job during your first year as Region Roundball Review. I found myself checking your site on a regular basis. By the looks of you new and updated site the fans of RRR will be in for a great year of keeping abreast of Indiana basketba l. Thanks for the opportunity to keep in touch!!!

Amber Peterink - 10/03/99 22:17:58
My Email:ptc@ligtel.com
School/Team: East Noble High School
City/State: Kendallville, Indiana
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: like them all

I didn't get to get into all the reviews, but the ones I were in were pretty neat. Can't wait until b-ball season. This kind of stuff helps get me pumped.

Shannon Wells - 10/03/99 03:37:51
My Email:wells123_1999@yahoo.com
School/Team: Merrillville/U of Southern Indiana
City/State: Merrillville
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Everything

You guys have done an awesome job with your site. I can't wait until season starts so I can see everything. I like how I can keep up with the region basketball news. It is about time woman basketball stars got the recognition they deserve. Good Luck M rrillville. Surprise some people.

amy - 10/02/99 04:51:56
My Email:aimhay33@aol.com
School/Team: Bishop Dwenger/FWO
City/State: Ft. Wayne
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: in the huddle

the new site is great! i enjoy visiting often!! amy

Marlene Davis - 10/01/99 00:44:08
My Email:marlened@iquest.net
School/Team: Kokomo Wildkats
City/State: Kokomo, In
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: everything

It's great to see someone dedicated to girl's basketball. Keep it up!

Lauren Julian - 09/30/99 22:52:02
My Email:ljheat23@aol.com
School/Team: IU
City/State: Hobart

i wish all the luck to julie mandon, who should be one of the top players this season. GO HOBART!!!!

Katie Julian - 09/30/99 22:48:42
My Email:kjheat32@aol.com
School/Team: Hobart
City/State: Hobart


Mark Morningstar - 09/30/99 20:46:21
My Email:mstar@tctc.com
School/Team: Seeger
City/State: Williamsport
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: news/message boards

Very nice site...thanks for the effort JW

Natalie Yudt - 09/23/99 18:51:10
My Email:Yudtie13@aol.com
School/Team: Portage
City/State: Portage, Indiana
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: This whole site!

Just wanted to check in again and say what an awesome site! Good luck to everybody in the upcoming season, it's going to be a great one!

Ed Robinson - 09/09/99 01:58:07
My URL:http://www.win.net/hoosier1
My Email:hoosier1@win.net
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Everything

BLESS YOUR LITTLE HEART!!!!!! I owe you a HUGE round of thanks for that flattering write-up! I feel the preasure to be worthy of it. I have been fighting and fighting with some of the search engines to become registersd in their directories. Getting into Yahoo is a major aggrivatio . GRRRRRRRRRR! I appreciate the link. They hits are going up and up everyday.

Chris Huppenthal - 09/08/99 18:52:00
My Email:chuppent@highland.k12.in.us
School/Team: HighlandHS
City/State: Highland, IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: All of them

Thanks for taking the time to give Girls Basketball coaches, players and fans a web site to look at. It is well done. I am on here just about everyday. It's great to have resources to go to regarding Girls Basketball. Keep up the good w

Andrea Mast - 09/06/99 01:07:55
My Email:kats916956@aol.com
School/Team: Kokomo Wildkats
City/State: Kokomo, In

The page looks great! Can't wait to see it all. I think I'll add you to my favorites list!

Kerry - 09/05/99 21:00:53
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/in/kerrywayne
My Email:kwayne1@purdue.edu
School/Team: Used to be North White Lady Vikings
City/State: Monon,IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: All of it is great!

Nice job! Its about time girls get recognition!

Renee' Turpa - 09/02/99 03:16:19
My Email:pdturpa@portage.k12.in.us
School/Team: Portage Indians
City/State: Portage, In
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Every One of Them

I've been keeping up with this sight since it's inception and have never been disappointed. What a great addition with the Central part of Indiana!!!!! Maybe now NWI will get the recognition that we richly deserve. Keep up the good work and hopefully w can get a web-page on your site too! If you need any assistance to promote this site, please don't hesitate to call or write to me. I am currently the District I representative to the ICGSA and the IBCA for the next 3 years. Thanks again for all your t me and effort!!!!!!

george jones - 08/27/99 16:25:54
City/State: ft. wayne

I think that ft. wayne luers could have a very good team this year. If their coach stays at luers they could be very good for years to come.

KEN HOWARD - 08/25/99 01:29:49
My Email:khoward@si-net.com
School/Team: SPARTANS


Carl - 08/14/99 18:28:27
My URL:http://www.expage.com/page/ceandersonpage
My Email:cncanders@juno.com
School/Team: no more
City/State: Springfield, Ma
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: AIC

I used to play

Amy Lucia - 08/14/99 18:26:22
My URL:http://www.expage.com/page/ctshamrocksaau
My Email:david.lucia@snet.net
School/Team: Stafford HS
City/State: Stafford, Ct
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Shooting

also our homepage of http://www.ctshamrocks.com

Dave Keilman - 08/14/99 09:53:48
My Email:john@mail.icongrp.com
School/Team: Andrean
City/State: Merrillville, In/
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: All Okay

Why only girls coverage?

Heather Jones - 07/26/99 15:58:53
My Email:hjones24@hotmail.com
School/Team: Murray State University
City/State: Murray,KY 42071


Roy Rivers
- 07/17/99 14:15:24
My Email:rkrivers@dcr.net
School/Team: New Washington Mustangs
City/State: New Washington IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: ALL

Kudos! To the Junior ALL-STARS, Each and everyone did a fantastic job in Connersville,and I was there to see it, To my favorite J-ALL-STAR Kirsti Holloway,Your hard work and Spirit will take you a long way, keep up the good work. The Fan

Roderick Takawira - 07/11/99 17:28:07
My URL:http://samara.co.zw
My Email:cameo@samara.co.zw
School/Team: Zimbabwe Schools
City/State: Harare
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: n/a

I just signed on for the first time and I am very interested in High School Scholarship programs especially for girls. We have very talented & skillful players that need to move on to an environment where they can learn more about basketball as our teachi g methods and resources are limited in this country. We have a 6'1" 16 year old player who is starting five for the Zimbabwe National team who could do a lot for a high school program that wants to win. Roderick Takawira

Olivia Andrews - 07/01/99 23:08:23
My Email:oandrews25@hotmail.com
School/Team: Greenfield Central
City/State: Greenfield
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: College signings & the photos

It's about time us gals become well known! I'm tired of hearing about all the great male basketball players of Indiana and not hearing any thing about the females. Step back boys; Time for us girls to get in the spot light!

Doug Dwyer - 06/28/99 17:43:37
My Email:doug.dwyer@eldredgecorp.com
School/Team: Hamilton South Eastern
City/State: Fishers, Indiana
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Central

Thank you for providing this Web site.....It great to see more of this for girls basketball!

Lauren Krausse - 06/25/99 02:40:51
My Email:LLK_45@yahoo.com
School/Team: Floyd Central
City/State: Floyds Knobs,IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Commitments

Hey this is a great site. It is cool to see that Indiana GIRLS can have sight.

jekster_9_98 - 06/24/99 00:15:34
My Email:yahoo
School/Team: RCHS
City/State: Rushville


jekster - 06/24/99 00:12:18
My Email:jekster


amy hayden
- 06/21/99 16:48:28
My Email:aimhay33@aol.com
School/Team: FWO
City/State: ft. wayne

Congrats to FWO on their back to back state titles!! Best of Luck at Nationals.

Joanna Tincher - 06/15/99 04:37:51
My Email:chubaka12@hotmail.com
School/Team: Bedford North Lawrence Lady Stars
City/State: Bedford/Indiana
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: Player Commitments

It was fun to see where everybodys going.

Julie Mandon - 06/13/99 23:33:10
My Email:JulesM30@aol.com
School/Team: Hobart
City/State: Hobart, IN


Richard A. Hawkins
- 05/29/99 02:08:50
My Email:hawk5131@aol.com
School/Team: Northeastern
City/State: Fountain City,Webster,Williamsburg,Whitewater,In.
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: AAU

I think this will be very good followers of Girls Basketball. Keep up the good work.

Teressa Lewis - 05/22/99 21:42:20
My Email:teressa-john@msn.com
School/Team: Brebeuf Jesuit
City/State: Indianapolis, IN
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: news updates


- 05/04/99 17:23:07
My Email:jbe@southwind.net
City/State: Newton, Kansas


Melissa DeVore
- 04/29/99 16:23:21
School/Team: Clinton Prairie Basketaball
City/State: Frankfort Indiana

it cool

Crown Point Tigers - 04/27/99 14:20:09
School/Team: Crown Point 11uAAU
City/State: Crown Point/In.
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: News

Congratulations to the 11U Tigers on their success so far this season 23-6(15-0 vs their own age level).They have won their developmental tourney at Monticello,the Crown Point Tiger Classic and most recently their regional which was played at Ft.Wayne.At t.Wayne they beat Lady Legit,Yorktown(Muncie) and Leo(Ft.Wayne) The team includes Allison Ricard ,Michelle Lipton,Hannah Plumley,Jackie Clements,Michelle Kutanovski,Katy Piechocki,Kaitlyn Rather,Stephanie Polous,Anne Gosser,Megan Doppler,Trisha Meyers. They will conclude their season this weekend at the state level 1 tourney. Their first game is against the Bloomington Shooters. GOOD LUCK GIRLS !!!

Randy Boone - 04/22/99 15:38:12
My URL:http://http://homepages.go.com/~rboone3/index1.html
My Email:rboone@icdpos.com
School/Team: Center Grove High School
City/State: Greenwood, in
Favorite Region Roundball Review Feature: news and game postings

Great Site! I really enjoy getting updated every morning with girl's indiana basketball. Glad you are bringing on the fifth quarter for some central indiana news and game summary postings. Keep up the good work.

- 04/22/99 02:47:18


Erin Guy
- 04/19/99 03:19:37
School/Team: Twin Lakes
City/State: Monticello,IN


Ed Robinson
- 04/09/99 20:33:30
My URL:<A HREF="ht