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4A Final: Ben Davis 99, Merrillville 52
Region Roundball Review

03/07/10 01:10 am by RRR | Back

Going through warmups.


Starting lineups for tonight are:


Ben Davis:

Vivian Holcomb

Dee Dee Williams

Jordan Huber

Bria Goss

Demetria Nunley-Lash



Latoi Merriweather

Raveen Murray

Bryonna Davis

Lydia Hawkins

Tracee Mitchel


First timeout at the 4:10, Ben Davis leads 15-6. The Pirates had it tied up at 6-6, but Ben Davis is runnin' & gunnin' and making most of their shots. Defensive pressure is intense by Ben Davis and the Pirates have turned the ball over several times here in the first few minutes.


First quarter is over, and the Pirates need a breather. Waiting for stats, but I'm guessing close to 10 turnovers in the first period. The BD defense is just smothering, and although Davis and Murray can handle the pressure, not many others on the Merrillville team can. Davis is also in foul trouble with two. She may not see the floor until the second half. Oops. Forgot to mention that the halftime score was 30-10.


Well, I was wrong. Davis is back in the game. She was forced to call a timeout when she got trapped at the half-court. Ben Davis stretching out the lead to 36-13. (BTW, I was right about the turnovers. 11 for Merrillville in the first period. Guess I've got half a brain. :-)


Halftime. Merrillville played even with BD this quarter, scoring 20 to BD's 20. They've cut down on turnovers a bit, but not much. The Giants are just smothering on defense and they are rotating players in and out. Merrillville's bench is not that deep and the Pirates were looking pretty tired before the buzzer. Could be a long second half for Merrillville. Bryonna Davis is showing why she is a Big Ten recruit, with 11 pts at the break, leading all scorers. Nunley-Lash (9 pts) and Dee Dee Williams (8 pts) lead the Giants, who have five players with 6 points or more.


Gotta give Merrillville credit, though. They are not backing down.


Timeout 6:01 third quarter. Well, the legs are getting tired for Merrillville. Ben Davis has stretched the lead out to 31. Goss and Nunley-Lash each have 13 for the Giants. Bryonna Davis has not yet scored in the second half. The turnovers continue to mount for MHS.


End of the third and there is virtually no hope for Merrillville at this point. Ben Davis leads 78-40 and there is no sign of the Giants letting up. Tremendous teamwork defensively and offensively by Stan Benge's team. They are truly a dominating force.


Bryonna Davis is making a bid for the All-Star team, leading all scorers with 21 hard-earned points. Bria Goss leads BD with 20.


Eight more minutes to go.


Third quarter stats show the Pirates with 26 turnovers to BD's 5.


Timeout 3:02 to go. Giants will be going for the century mark as they lead 91-47. Merrillville's players are gassed. The bench is not deep.


At the 2:38 mark and all BD starters are off the floor.


Final, Ben Davis 99, Merrillville 52


4A mental attitude award winner: Dee Dee Williams of Ben Davis.


Our 4A all-tournament team:


MVP - Bria Goss, Ben Davis - 22 pts, 8 reb, 6 ast, 5 stl

Demetria Nunley-Lash, Ben Davis - 20 pts, 5 reb, 2 ast, 6 stl

Dee Dee Williams, Ben Davis - 14 pts, 8 reb, 5 ast, 3 stl

Bryonna Davis, Merrillville - 25 pts, 7 reb, 2 ast

Jordan Huber, Ben Davis - 9 pts, 4 reb



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