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FW Canterbury takes 1A title behind 16 points, 17 rebounds by sophomore Gerardot
Region Roundball Review

03/01/08 05:55 pm by RRR | Back



For one half, University looked like they were in control of the 1A state final, but Fort Wayne Canterbury underclassmen Becky Pedro and Tabitha Gerardot came up huge, combining for 18 second-half points to give the Cavaliers a boost and the 1A title by a score of 36-32.


Despite 23 turnovers, 10 in the second half, Canterbury relied on the outstanding play of sophomore forward/center Gerardot to spearhead a 15-9 third quarter. Gerardot, who was outstanding on the boards with 17 total (6 offensive), used her 5'11 height to rule the paint. University, who used only one player over 5'8 for only 10 minutes in the game, could not find a defensive answer for Gerardot.


A sloppy game at best, the finish was nonetheless exciting with University down by 5 when the Blazers' Iyesha Walker nailed a 3-pointer to get University within two with 23 seconds to go. But Canterbury controlled the final seconds of the game and University could only put the Cavaliers on the line to stop the clock.


Between both teams there were 40 turnovers, 28 steals and some very questionable shot selection. Canterbury shot 28% from the floor, was 0-5 from three-point and only connected on 8 of 17 free throws (47%). University wasn't much better, hitting 25% from the floor, 3 of 11 from three-point (27%) and only 1 of 2 from the line. But the only percentage that mattered for Canterbury was the 7-18 (39%) from the field by Gerardot, who was the difference maker in the game.



Our all 1A state championship team:


FWC - Tabitha Gerardot, MVP - 16 points, 17 rebounds, 4 steals

FWC - Becky Pedro - 6 points, 6 rebounds, 3 steals

FWC - Aubrey Holle - 6 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 assists

U - Iyesha Walker - 10 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals

U - Bria Sneed - 9 points, 4 steals


Game Blog:

Mental attitude award winner - Aubrey Holle of Canterbury.

4th - 0:00 - Canterbury wins 36-32! Gerardot leading scorer with 16 points (17 rebounds! Told you she was a monster!)

4th - 0:19 - Gerardot goes 1 for 2 from the line. Timeout University. Cavaliers up by 3.

4th - 0:23 - HUGE 3 by Walker to get within 2. This isn't over yet folks!

4th - Huge putback and one by soph Gerardot on a missed Canterbury free throw. Cavaliers up by 5 with 0:32 to go. Gerardot a MONSTER on the boards today.

4th - 1:57 - 30 sec timeout called by Canterbury.

4th - 2:18 - Neither team able to convert these last 2 minutes, but Wells gets 1 freebie to put the Cavaliers up by 2.

4th - 3:54 - Big turnover by Canterbury.

4th - 4:38 - Timeout University. This is an exciting game. Sloppy, but exciting.

4th - 5:10 - Huge bucket by Sneed to get Unhiversity within 1!

3rd - 0:00 - Two more put the Cavaliers up by 5 (30-25) with one quarter left to play.

3rd - 1:57 - Gerardot with a traditional 3-pt play puts the Cavaliers up 28-25. Canterbury with their first substituion of the game. Karr in for Krieger.

3rd - 2:21 - University ties it up 25-25 on a drive by Bria Sneed.

3rd - 3:45 - The Cavaliers take the lead on some sharp shooting that eluded them in the first half. Canterbury 25, University 21.

First half impressions:
University seems to be the more disciplined team in the first half, taking better care of the ball, although not by much. Canterbury with 13 first-half turnovers and University with 9.

Leading scorers for University: Katie Adlam, Ieysha Walker and Erin Bortz all with 4 apiece.

Leading scorers for Canterbury: Aubrey Holle with 6 and Becky Pedro and Tabitha Gerardot each with 4.

Canterbury has the lead on the boards 24 (Gerardot 8) -19 (Williams and Bortz 4 each), but both teams are shooting miserably from the floor -- both in the mid-20s. University is playing within a better offensive format and are just missing shots. Canterbury is throwing up a lot of tough shots.

University may have the legs to finish this horse race. The Cavaliers did not sub the entire first half, while the Blazers put 8 different players on the floor in the opening 16 minutes.

2nd - 0:00 - Canterbury had a chance to take the lead on a last shot in the half, but didn't seem to know that time was winding down. Another turnover by Canterbury to end the half.

2nd - 1:28 - This one looks to go down to the wire. University 16, Canterbury 15.

2nd - 3:48 - Good ball movement by University, but they're unable to finish on the possession.

2nd - 4:02 - Big steal and a bucket by Holle gets Canterbury within 1, and another steal and bucket by Pedro gives Canterbury the lead for the first time, 13-12.

2nd - 4:58 - Bucket by Becky Pedro keeps Canterbury within 3 points.

2nd - 5:38 - University puts on the full court press, but Canterbury handles it well. However, another turnover caused by some good University defense.

1st - 0:00 - Canterbury fails to get a final shot off in the first quarter due to the scrambling defense of University. Both teams are playing hard, but turnovers are making this a back and forth game without a whole lot of structured offensive sets.

1st - 0:51 - A monster block by Cassie Krieger gets the Canterbury crowd on their feet!

1st - 1:24 - Canterbury with 7 turnovers. They will have to control the ball better to close the gap. Two made FTs from senior Aubrey Holle helps get the score to 9-6.

1st - 2:32 - Cavaliers hitting 25% from the field, University shooting 44%.

1st - 3:30 - Finally the Cavaliers score on a layup by soph Tabitha Gerardot. But University answers with 5 points of their own.

1st - 3:57 - First timeout of the quarter, with University still ahead 4-0. At this point, 5 turnovers for the Cavaliers in the first four minutes of the game.

10:40 - The action is underway and University holds a 4-0 lead. Lots of turnovers on both sides... maybe some state championship jitters.

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