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If you would like to reach thousands of basketball fans during the year, consider advertising your business on the Region Roundball Review. Your advertising will help pay for site hosting, message board hosting and domain fees associated with maintaining the RRR as a free access website to thousands of Indiana girls and women's basketball fans all across the country.


Rates are as follows:


Region Roundball Review Advertising Rates

Location Ad size Price per month*

In Season


Off Season


Message Board
random delivery
468 x 60 pixels $75.00
Home Page
static delivery - side bar left or right

130 x 130 pixels
130 x 100 pixels
130 x   70 pixels





*Contact us for reduced prices for long-term commitment ads.

Additional Information:


  • Visits and page views - During in-season months, the RRR home page averages approximately 35,000 unique visits and 44,000 page views per month. Our message board averages over 100,000 page views per month in season.
  • Ad delivery - Depending on your ad location, it will appear either as a permanent fixture on the page (static delivery) or as a random fixture of multiple ads when the page is accessed or refreshed (random delivery).
  • Click through - We can link your ad to your existing business website, sending potential customers directly to complete information about your business.
  • Ad creation - If you don't have an ad, we can make one for you. Your professionally created ad can contain multiple frames for maximum advertising impact. (See samples below.) Once your ad is created, it is yours to use as you wish, including submission to other websites for advertising purposes.  for an ad creation quote.
  • Approval - We retain the right to refuse any ad due to inappropriate or incongruent content, or due to incompatibility with our advertising program.
  • Questions? - Contact us at 219-226-3238 or at for more information.
  • Ready to submit your ad? Send your ad by email to together with the dates you wish your ad to appear. To submit payment, make your check made payable to "Small Web Solutions" and send it to the address below. Your ad wil be placed on the RRR after payment is received. If you're in a hurry, you may also pay online by credit card. Please drop us a note and we will tell you how.

Small Web Solutions
1356 Brandywine
Crown Point, IN 46307



Sample ad sizes and features:


468 x 60 pixels - single frame


130 x 130 - single frame



130 x 100 pixels - 6 rotating frames 


130 x 70 pixels - single frame









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